Destination Pattaya

Pattaya city is totally different from what travel agencies and tourism organisations describes. You will not find the ambience sold on Thailand postcards. Pattaya is an artificial angel and demon city. Know everything before leaving to this one of a kind destination.

Attractions and Activities

Pattaya attractions are a playground of recreation parks and water activities. From the beautiful Sanctuary of Truth to the popular Elephant Village, there is a park for each taste. Scuba diving, parasailing, windsurf and more... Water activities are everywhere.

Beaches & Islands


Jomtien Beach

Next to Pattaya you will find Jomtien Beach. Bigger and cleanest, you will find more Thais here -eating, drinking and enjoying the beach. Read more...


Koh Larn

The closest island to Pattaya provide the easiest way to leave the city for a day excursion. Peaceful place with white sand beaches and clear turquoise water. Read more...

Pattaya Night Life


Pattaya is internationally known for its nightlife - you might want to think twice before heading into the insanity that's called Pattaya. Obviously famous as a sex tourist destination, you don't necessarily have to partake in order to experience Pattaya's nightlife. More and more visitors come over just to see what the fuss is about. There are ample opportunities to dance, drink, and observe humanity even if paid sex is not of interest.